About US


We aim to be living proof that sustainable technologies are not only dependable and effective, but extremely powerful, fun and simply awesome.

-The Team

Who we are

McGill Formula Electric is made up of over 50 motivated students who design, build and race a 100% electric formula car.  This is an extracurricular project and students do not receive credit for participating. Pure passion for learning, engineering and innovation drives each team member to dedicate countless hours of hard work to building the best electric vehicles. 

Our team maintains a tradition of excellence and we are proud to say we have placed among the top teams in North America for the past 4 years. This follows a long history of competing with a hybrid race-car and an electric snowmobile. As one of the first teams in north America  to develop electric vehicles, the team has a strong base of knowledge from which to build, and a history of success to live up to. 

Diversity in the team


Our Mission


MFE is a place where students can acquire/refine the hard and soft skills necessary to deliver cutting-edge sustainable technology. Graduate students from our team possess proven technical and project management abilities, which help them play important roles in the industry.



Our team consistently finishes in the top 4 at international competitions; we aim to continue this tradition of success. However, trophies are not the only measure of success; we hold ourselves to a very high standard and take pride and enjoyment in the quality, efficiency and performance of our electric vehicles.


The iron ring worn by Canadian engineers reminds us of our responsibility to be a positive force within society. At MFE, we take this to include our mission to understand, develop and implement the latest in green technology, as well as promote it within our local and global communities.